Sarnia At War

The special “Sarnia At War” features 19 stories written for The Sarnia Journal and was presented on November 11th, 2016.  
They capture stories of bravery, sacrifice and great loss.  Sarnia is proud of it’s brave citizens who served their country when called upon. 

The Sarnia Journal would like to thank the roster of talented writers and researchers who embraced the task. They include Tom Slater, who teamed up with fellow researcher Tom St. Amand, Journal columnist Phil Egan, historian Randy Evans, and contributors Gary Shrumm, Lou Giancarlo and Susan Roberts.

You can view the digital copy of “Sarnia At War” from The Sarnia Journal here.


Bomber Pilot “Flunker” Hegarty Graduated Top of his Class – Tom St. Amand and Tom Slater

Hospital Ship’s Sinking Became Canadian Rallying Cry – Tom St. Amand and Tom Slater

Quiet Little Street Recalls Determined City War Hero – Tom St. Amand and Tom Slater

The Incredible Story of Sarnia’s Own ‘Florence Nightingale’ – Randy Evans and Gary Shrumm

Lieutenant Jack Wright’s Final Act was a Heroic One – Tom St. Amand and Tom Slater

Vimy Ridge was a Bittersweet Victory for Canada – Randy Evans

The secret Little Munitions Factory on Margaret Street – Phil Egan

Dad Retraced Footsteps of Fallen Son in Afghanistan – Phil Egan

Warrior Fought to Free People from Taliban’s Brutality – Phil Egan

Allan Family Made Heavy Sacrifice for Great War – Phil Egan

Mueller Brass the Engine of Sarnia’s War Economy – Phil Egan

Navy’s Worst Ship Sinking Included two Sarnians – Tom St. Amand and Tom Slater

The Story of Jim Charron is One of Valour Recognized – Phil Egan

POW Found a Way to Forgive his Japanese Captors – Phil Egan

Sarnia Customs officer served in both World Wars – Susan Roberts

Young Airman Had Every Reason to Stay in Sarnia – Tom St. Amand and Tom Slater

New Plaque at St. Patrick’s Honours Catholic SoldiersTom St. Amand and Lou Giancarlo

Sarnia Airman’s Burial was a Poignant act of Civic Defiance – Tom Slater and St. Amand

Air Cadet Brown Deserves Place on the Sarnia Cenotaph – Randy Evans